Deltoids phasing in through portal sneak attack on Corsaires in Rgiant
Early Access Features
The Closed Alpha is out!
The Origins of Rgiant. Chapter One: The Star Ring.
Fully Modular Weapon System: featuring the 1 kiloton demolition nuke.
In-Game Building System: Build custom structures out of cuboids, cylinders, and other primitives with the Shaper tool.
Modular Vehicles: Rave hoverbike, customizable with the paint and decal system.
Modular Vehicles: Corsaire 3 gunship, customizable with the paint palette and decal system.
Skyclone Player Customizer: Bodysuit colors, head options, gender slider, and accessories.
Tyranika Procedural Map: huge city ruins, perfect for exploration, parkour, and battles.
Fully Modular Weapon System: Ein-Sten laser minigun two-hand heavy weapon.
Vehicle Customizer: Virtual paint room, color palette to paint regions and decal placement system including grunge, outline, fonts, size, rotation, and color.
Fully Modular Weapon System: Gunship pylon mechanism for ordinance, cargo, weapons, or vehicles.
Fully Modular Weapon System: 2 Kiloton EMP nuke dropping mechanism.
Modular Vehicles: Attaching the Rave to the gunship pylon mechanism